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Don't Be SAD in Birmingham!

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With the clocks having gone back an hour this last weekend, the rise in a type of depression, known as SAD is to be expected. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects about 2 million people in the UK, usually during the dark depths of winter. It can make you feel low, unable to cope and tired.

There are, though, some things you can to do help if you are a sufferer of SAD. Start taking Vitamin D, it's the 'happy vitamin'. You can also purchase 'daylight bulbs' as these are thought to have a positive effect by increasing your exposure to 'daylight'.

But here at the Passion VIP offices, we think we've got the perfect answer! Why not cheer yourself up and light up your life with one of our fabulous Birmingham Escorts? We can particularly recommend our Elite escorts as being the girls who can lift your mood! These ladies are exceptional when it comes to providing top class company and can certainly leave you feeling on top of the world.


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