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WE ARE ALSO RECRUITING ENGLISH GIRLS –The highest paid escorts in the Midlands.

Passion VIP is the leading escort agency in Midlands. Based in Birmingham, we’re always looking for passionate girls with charisma, enthusiasm and a passion for pleasure. 

Do you think you have what it takes to become a female escort and join our team of high-class Birmingham escorts? Then fill in the job application form below to become one of our elite escorts in Birmingham and we will contact you as soon as we have processed the application. 

We know there are many agencies offering female escorting jobs in the UK, but an escorting job with Passion VIP guarantees job security, enjoyment, high job-satisfaction and the highest earning escort jobs in the Midlands.

As an all-woman team, we understand the needs and concerns of escorts, both new and experienced. We appreciate your worth and that’s why we are the highest paying agency in the Midlands. We do not expect you to earn £40 an hour. Our goddesses are worth far more. So as women, we provide top clients who will adore you and treat you like a princess. We will take care of all your questions and support you throughout.

If you’ve never had an escorting job before and are wondering how to become a female escort, you don’t need any experience to apply for an escort job – some of our clients like that too. As long as you are confident, open-minded, charismatic and care about your clients you can be sure to have an amazing escorting career. At Passion VIP, we provide you with everything needed to start your new escorting career and get regular jobs in your local area.
Disclaimer: We are NOT a whore house! We are escorts and believe it takes a certain type of woman to become a high-class, sophisticated escort. For those new to the scene, we have the tools to teach how to be a professional escort, from elocution to massage therapy. Which will provide you with a lucrative employment that you can feel proud of – after all, we want happy, confident, rich women on our team.  
Too many men come into this industry thinking they can have all the money and run escorts like dogs – this is not the case with us. Our women-only team makes sure they know you’re worth more than gold. Why should they at the top be better than you?  Passion VIP is a team of ladies that help you grow, to help you build a lifestyle you love and give you a chance to provide for your family.

As a result, our escort agency recruitment process is very strict. We select only the right candidates for the demanding escort career. Our escorts have got not only good looks but also have beautiful personalities, a candid nature, are open-minded and who are pleased to meet new clients, all while ensuring their client is always 100% satisfied with the job done. 

At the moment we are mainly looking for females interested in an escorting job position. If you are a male or trans looking for a job with VIP passion, please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you when an opportunity opens up.

Fill in the job application form with your correct details below, and attach a high-quality picture of yourself to apply for an escort job and join the Birmingham Escorts team. If you are selected, we will try to contact you within 24 hrs, and if not by then, within 3 days guaranteed. please make sure you send images with your hair and makeup done as best as you can as this is part of the selection process and do not send photos that have been photoshopped or have Snapchat filters as these are not a true likeness. You can also choose to send modelling photos but please provide images you have taken yourself too. We keep all your details completely confidential, it will never be provided to any third party.

Please do not send your job application in until you are sure this is something you are interested in as we will contact you shortly after submission.

If you are good at your job then the possibilities are endless here at Passion VIP and you can start earning as soon as you’re ready!

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