How to Prepare for Your Date with Birmingham Escorts?

For those of you who are new to the world of escorting, we always advise you to carry out a little preparation before engaging with you our beautiful babes. We want the both of you to feel at ease and enjoy your time together. Below are some tips on preparing for your date:

Great personal hygiene: Our babes never have a hair out of place and they expect the same from you. Make sure you’re showered, well-groomed and sprayed with cologne before meeting your angel.

Dress for the occassion: No matter the occassion, dressing like a gentleman is important and will only woo the lady in your company.

Be on time: Our Birmingham Escorts are in high-demand and we therefore expect you to arrive in time for your date with one of our beautiful girls – they don’t like to be kept waiting.

Be reasonable: Be reasonable with your Escorts Birmingham. Always consider that even if they offer you a paid service, they are also humans. Forgetting this fact can get you in trouble, as it cannot be ignored.

Be respectful: Everybody likes to be respected, whether it is a hired service or not. So be respectful towards your Birmingham Escorts, as it will only work in your favour, and we can assure you of that. 

Pay her within 3 minutes of the date beginning:  That is the rule: 3 minutes into the date, you are supposed to pay, as after 3 minutes, your date is sealed. At the moment we only take cash-in-hand and this is something that is clearly advised across our site and will also be acknowledged when booking your escort. We can also provide a chauffeur service to take you to a cash point free of charge and this does not come of your time with your escort. In certain occassions, we are happy to offer internet banking and bank transfer if payment is made immediately.

Ensure that you clearly explain the service you require to the reception staff. You need to be very clear about the exact service you expect from the customer service representatives as if you are not specific, you may not end up having the same fun that you expected.

If you prepare for your date with our Birmingham Escorts in the above manner, you will indeed have a better experience. Any planned activity gives better results, which has been repeatedly proved in the business arena or any other field. So, it is the same in the escorting circuit. Take some time and plan meticulously for your date to get the full service that you have paid for and total satisfaction for both of you.

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