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Naked Villagers

naked villagers blog

Here at our Birmingham Escort Agency we were really surprised to read this week about a village in Hertfordshire where the residents do everything in the nude! The village of Spielplatz, near St Albans, is about to become famous as it is the focus of a More4 documentary due to be aired next week.

Founded in 1930, Spielplatz is a family-run naturist resort that contains 34 permanent homes as well at 20 holiday homes. The Naked Village is believed to be Britain's oldest naturist colony. From household chores to going to the pub, everything is done in the nude. They even have a naked body art festival and naked Yoga.

Eighty-two year old, life-long resident Iseult Richardson, whose father Charles Macaskie founded the village says that they all live normal lives. ‘There is no difference between naturists and people who live up the street. We all live normal lives but are just lucky enough to live in this extraordinary place. It’s like a small estate.’

You don't have to be naked to live there, but you might feel a bit awkward if you weren't. Although Iseult says that people such as the postman and other tradesmen never seem worried by the nudity. The documentary will see how the residents deal with the news that property developers are hoping to build a multi-million pound housing estate in the area and also deals with family members who visit, but don't feel like stripping off.

Why should Hertfordshire have all the fun? Our elite escorts think we should have our own Spielplatz in Birmingham!


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