Tips for Choosing the Best Escort and Right Escort Agency

It can be a minefield out there when the time comes to book yourself an escort. Not only are there so many to choose from, but also you’re probably looking to book one pretty soon, adding to the pressure of making the right choice for both escort and for agency.

Thankfully, the internet has what seems like thousands of options just a click or two away, meaning it can’t be difficult to find a fit for you, although one should beware of the risky business escort hunting brings. Not only do you need to make sure the site is not a total scam, but also that the escort is who they say they are. You have to check on the company’s history, and search for reviews, and double check everything – which can have a certain downer on the activity, if we’re being honest.

Alternatively, you can simply choose Passion VIP – the Birmingham Escort agency of choice in the midlands, UK, with options of Lichfield escorts to Evesham escorts and everywhere in between.

But, before we just sell you our top-class, trustworthy escorts and famed services, let us share a few tips on how you can select the right agency for you.

How to Find the Best Birmingham Escort Service

Check the reputation of the site

To test the reputation of a site, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and find the contact our staff section, if there even is one. When looking for Birmingham escorts for example, Passion VIP makes a point to have a real member of staff at hand if you have any questions about the escorts and services we provide. Less reputable sites will not, and that’s a red flag in our book.

Find an Agency, not a private ad

If you search Lichfield Escorts or Evesham Escorts into Google, you’re bound to find a mix of agencies and private ads. Private ads may seem more secretive, or perhaps cheaper, but you’re putting a lot at risk by not going through the proper channels.

Agencies have more ways to get in touch if you’re not happy with a service, and offer a range of refunds and replacement services if things aren’t up to your expectations. Private contacts will disappear into the city without any way of contacting them, and all your money tucked away.

Check for Dodgy Situations

We’ll be honest, many of our clients have been stung in the past. Whether it’s something official or simply a take the money and run situation – we have heard it all. Luckily, at Passion VIP, our Birmingham Escorts can do as you please to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with the situation. They can come to you on outcall or you can visit them at a public space, free from dodgy operators.

Another tip is to meet in the day, that way you’re more aware of what’s happening around you. Although, when you go through a proper agency like Passion VIP, then you’re in safe hands whatever time of day you want to enjoy time with a lovely lady.

Overall, it makes sense to us to go through an agency every time – and we’re not just saying that. Of course Passion VIP offers the best in Birmingham Escorts, with genuine photos, flexible booking options, full hygiene protocols and complete discretion make it a sensible choice, but if you like the look of another agency just beware of the above.





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