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Planning An Overnight Stay with a Birmingham Escort

When booking Birmingham escorts with Passion VIP, most of our clients prefer a quick two to four hour meeting – and why not! For many, that’s all it takes to get the most out of our escort services, whether it’s a friendly dinner date, lunch meetup or secret rendezvous. 

However, for some the night is not over until the sun comes up, and that’s fine too. Simply state your requirements when booking and we’ll find the right girl for you. 

Overnight Escort in Midlands

As the name suggests, the time you spend with our escort is yours, from sundown to sunrise. Naturally, sleeping does eventually happen during the night – but that morning wake up passion can be the icing on the cake of any Passion VIP girlfriend experience. 

In this blog we will explore the various types of overnight stay and tell you all you need to know to prepare for such an eventuality. Please note that most of our escorts prefer to meet for set time-periods, but whatever your desire, call us and we can find the right birmingham escort for you.

Overnight with a Birmingham Escort

Overnight stays often flow naturally from a late night meet-up. It could be an 8pm dinner date or a 10pm pub crawl that ends at the hotel – the choice is yours. 

Spend the first few hours getting to know each other, learn their interests, share your likes and dislikes in the bedroom and take it from there. What’s more, if you want to meet an escort in Birmingham, Wolverhampton escort or Warrick escort, you can meet in person before any money changes hands – but we do ask for a decision to be made in the first 10 minutes of meeting.

If the Birmingham escort is not to your taste, we’ll simply charge a £50 fee that compensates the lady for her time and travel. But in our experience, this rarely happens – what you see is what you get with our girls, so there’s never any surprises…outside of the bedroom at least.

 After enjoying each other’s company, the naughty side often emerges and an erotic night is what’s in store. Once the fun is over and you’re both exhausted, an overnight stay ends with both of you sleeping, cozying up and enjoying each other’s warmth until sunrise. 

Time permitting, a cute breakfast date or morning fun will finish off the perfect night with your Passion VIP escort. If you’re in a hotel, why not treat your girl to a massage or hit the pool for a morning swim – because why not make the most of the time together! 

Prepare for a Night With a Birmingham Escort

Whether it’s at your home, out and about or at a hotel, there’s a few things you can do to prepare for their visit. First is to shower – just like our ladies do, showering before the visit means you’re fresh and ready to go, without any awkward conversations.

Be well presented and look your best. Our ladies love a man that tries hard, and you’ll most certainly be rewarded for it. 

When meeting at a bar or restaurant, be ready to offer them a drink. Each lady has their own preferences so it’s a great ice breaker and first glimpse into their naughty side. 

But regardless of if it’s an overnight stay with a Wolverhampton escort, a cheek bar crawl with a Warrick escort or an erotic night in with a Birmingham escort, do these three things and you’ll both be relaxed and eager to spend your precious time together.

Contact Passion VIP today to book your next meeting with one of our elite birmingham escorts. Each lady is interviewed in person, ensuring we pick out the best escort for you. All our ladies offer full GFE experiences and everything is included in that price. 

At Passion VIP we say, “don’t go for cheap when you can have the best.”


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