Paying for Birmingham Escorts

At Passion VIP, we take the exchange of money for your time with our ladies very seriously. What you pay for is time, and whatever happens after that is up to you both – but we guarantee no surprise hidden costs. All our ladies offer full GFE experiences and everything is included in that price.  

When it comes to spending time with Wednesbury escorts and Coventry escorts , the same rules apply, but for first time bookers, it can be an exciting and slightly nerve wracking task knowing the dos and don’ts of how to pay, interact and exchange money with Birmingham escorts.

Prepare for the Booking

Booking a high class, Passion VIP Birmingham escort is a wonderful experience for all of our clients, and goes far beyond simply clicking and blocking some time for fun.

It involves planning, booking restaurants, preparing bedrooms and finding that perfect outfit that makes you feel the best. 

But before that, you probably want to choose the right escort for you. At Passion VIP, you can call us and discuss your needs and desires and we’ll help find the right lady for you. We offer personal advice, without any judgement. 

One of our most popular bookings is the dinner date. If you’re a local to Birmingham, Coventry or Wednesbury, feel free to find somewhere local, where you feel comfortable. Carefully read your date’s profile and get to know them before they arrive so you can be ready to offer them their favourite drink or talk about what’s most interesting to both of you. 

Let the lady set the pace – they’re experts at what they do and will try their best to make you as comfortable and excitable as possible. Getting to know your Birmingham escort is an important and exceptionally fun part of the Passion VIP experience. 

If you’re ending the night in a hotel, find somewhere nearby so you can ditch the meal and start the fun at a moment’s notice. Birmingham escorts at Passion VIP are hand picked and interviewed in person, so we know how they operate – and they’ve got skill when it comes to making you feel good.

Paying for a Birmingham Escort

We recommend that if you’re meeting in a public place, you should meet the lady outside to exchange any monies owed and only then show lady to the table inside. This way, it keeps the transaction away from prying eyes, clears the air between you both before the night begins (so there’s no awkward questions about money before the date gets steamy) and ensures everyone is committing to their agreed roles. Also, it can be very confusing to meet in a busy place if both of you have never met each other before.

We know that every client and every escort is unique. We also know that paying for services varies depending on person and situation, so we make it as easy as possible to book and pay for your meeting with our escorts without any difficulties. We hope that this blog has clarified some before and after tips, and given you the confidence to bite the bullet and book your first (or second, third, fourth or fifth) rendezvous with a Birmingham escort in the city of your choice in the Midlands, from Birmingham city centre to Coventry and even Wednesbury. 

We’re waiting to play, if you’re willing to pay… 

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