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As you will find in many large towns there is a demand for Stafford escorts and an escort service in general. Stafford benefits from both tourists and businessmen so the demand, particularly for female escorts Stafford, is always there. A number of Stafford escorts are delightful young women who use escorting to provide a supplementary income perhaps while they are studying. This means that many Stafford escorts are well educated young women who can provide excellent company whether for a business or social gathering. If you are thinking of taking up escorting then you need to consider if you have the right personality to join the ranks of Staffordshire female escorts. Escorts obviously can’t be shy - they need to have outgoing personalities and be warm and friendly. It’s important as a Stafford escort that you are quickly able to put people at ease as even seasoned clients can be nervous at meeting a new face for the first time. A good sense of humor is another essential. Since a number of clients do like to spend time getting to know you and have a conversation it’s a good idea to keep up with national and local news as this will give you something to talk about and help to break the ice! Telephone our receptionist on 07817 879 138 / 07815 648 610 to book an escort in Stafford. We provide a 24 hour service for your convenience, so call us now!

Escorts In Staffordshire

A number of Staffordshire escorts will specialise in offering particular services. Think about your own sexual likes and dislikes and see if you are able to offer something a little different as this may put you ahead in the race. If you are broadminded and up for some fun then maybe joining the growing band of Stafford escorts is for you? If working as an escort does not sound like your idea of fun, there are a couple of other things you might consider. Have you thought about becoming a Stafford stripper or a lap dancer perhaps? If you like dancing and performing then either becoming a stripper or a lap dancer might be the answer. Both may work in clubs but equally may be hired for private parties, perhaps stag nights but sometimes just to put on a show for one. You can make a reasonable extra income from either of these. The third choice is to become a masseur and perhaps offer a visiting massage service. Although to do this it is helpful to have some idea at least of what message is all about, this is more a sensual and sexy massage than a solely therapeutic one! You could team up with a friend and offer a two girl massage as this is very popular. You do also need a good wardrobe of clothes. These don’t need to be expensive designer clothes, but your wardrobe will need to cover a range of possible occasions, from dinner dates to the theatre or more casual clothes. It probably goes without saying that a suitable collection of lingerie is also a must. Make sure that you have good shoes for every outfit and handbags. Learn how to make the best of yourself with skilful makeup techniques and always make sure your hair is clean and well styled. If you don’t present yourself as an elite Stafford escort then you are likely to end up being treated like a prostitute and that isn’t the point of escorting. Stafford escorts want to attract the best clients who will wine and dine them and show them a good time as much as they expect the escort to fulfil their dreams and fantasies.

Female Escorts In Staffordshire

Whether you want to work as a Staffordshire female escort, stripper or lap dancer you need to make sure that you are working in a safe way. For this reason, many young women start by joining a Stafford escort agency such as Passion VIP for instance. Although the agency will charge you a fee as a proportion of your earnings, they will provide you with some basic safeguards and, in any case, if you really want to find out what being a female escort in Staffordshire is all about then an agency is a very good place to start. They should interview you and they will be able to advise you of the type of work that is most in demand and whether they think you fit the bill. A new elite escort may be able to charge around one hundred pounds an hour with the agency taking about twenty per cent. As you grow in experience and popularity and build your client base, then you will be able to charge a higher fee for the pleasure of your company and the very top escorts are earning several hundred pounds an hour. Don’t think this is easy work, though. Apart from the obvious facts, you also have to remain cheerful, attentive and polite even when you are with someone you may not particularly like. If you want to become one of the top Stafford escorts then you need a whole range of personal qualities that will make you stand out from the rest. Being an escort can be a lot of fun if you attract the right kind of clients, but it’s not often a long-term career. If you really want to know a bit more, then one place you could start is by watching the DVD of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Of course, not every escort is going to have the great experience shown on there, but it will give you an insight as for the first port of call. The thing to avoid is setting you up as a cheap prostitute as that is really not the point of escorting. Stafford escorts expect to meet with men who know how to treat a lady and well as how to have a good time both in the bedroom and out. You need to have a good self-image and be a confident person in order to cope with the stresses of this kind of work. Do some research on the internet and find out as much as you can before taking that first step. If you are in Stafford or the surrounding area and want to hook up with an escort girl today or later this evening, contact us now at Passion VIP – we are waiting to turn your dreams into reality.
Stafford Tourist Information
Deep in the heart of England is found the large town of Stafford in the West Midlands. Located in the county of Staffordshire, Stafford is located to Wolverhampton’s north, and to Stoke-on-Trent’s south along the motorway M6. This destination is chock full of historical sight-seeing opportunities as well as equally splendid recreational pursuits. A visitor can experience the history of Stafford by visiting locations like the Ancient High House, the Izaak Walton Cottage, and Shugborough Hall - all historic homes located in the Stafford area. One of the most popular destinations is Stafford Castle on Newport Road, a site erected by the Normans in the year AD1100. Some visitors will appreciate the intricate and highly detailed architectural workings found in St Chad’s Church too - a site erected in the twelfth century. Alternatively, visitors might derive enjoyment from the natural scenery and tranquillity evoked through a stroll in Cannock Chase which is a place of beauty and amazement filled with trees, a variety of plant species, and wide open heathland located between Stafford and Lichfield. Cannock Chase will definitely prove to the visitor that the natural landscapes found in Stafford are not only welcoming but awe-inspiring too. Stafford is the county town of Staffordshire and is a lively town with plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs, so any visitor to Stafford will not be short on entertainment!