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Bilston is an area of the UK located in Wolverhampton's southeastern corner, Bilston is part of the English county of The West Midlands and has a population of 26,000. The industrial activity in the area increased dramatically when the Birmingham Canal was built to the west of the town in 1770. Very few towns can claim to have undergone such a dramatic transformation during this period, Bilston was shaped hugely by this era and during the industrial revolution Bilston was light years ahead of nearby towns, in the early 1800s it was known mainly as farmland and after this period had passed Bilston was considered a very busy town and was filled with numerous factories and coal mines as well as a large number of worker houses that were built for the ever-growing employee population in the area. The Bilston mines were actually thought to be haunted by an evil spirit and so the local miners brought in an exorcist known as The White Rabbit. The Bilston Blast furnaces were producing a massive 25,000 tons of steel per year during the late 1800s and were known as The Bilston Steel Works.

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