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At Passion VIP we are always looking for new female or male escorts to join our agency and will consider applications from all the Midlands areas. If you want to become part of the fastest growing agency network, please complete the form below or call our RECRUITMENT HOTLINE on 07914747825

If you cannot drive this is not a problem as we have chauffeurs available.


Please do not be put off by how many ladies we already have! These ladies are all here because they are busy. Try us and you will never look back. Please make sure you upload recent photos with your application. We will NOT consider any applications without photos.

Birmingham escort jobs are available right now for the right kind of ladies! If you are looking for an exciting and adventurous way to make some extra money then Birmingham Escort jobs may be the right thing for you. Good and reputable Birmingham escort agencies are always on the look out for new escorts and one of the easiest ways to find out if there are any suitable Birmingham escort jobs for you is to simply get in touch with one or more of the many Birmingham escort agencies.

If you want an idea of how much money you can make from Birmingham escort jobs then simply take a look at a Birmingham escort agencies website and see what the escorts on their books are charging for an hour of their time and companionship. Currently this seems to be around £120 to £150 per hour before the escort agency take off their fee for hosting your details on their site. You can therefore expect make something between £80 to £100 per hour for any Birmingham escort jobs you undertake. This may seem like the escort agency is taking a fair chunk of your earnings but remember they have considerable costs to cover if they are going to continue to get you the best Birmingham escort jobs and keep you employed on a regular basis. The agency has to pay for it’s website and for advertising it’s services and this can be quite costly, they also have to pay for things like telephones and for reception staff to man their phones through the long hours of the night and day. Many escort agencies are open very long hours, perhaps from around 10 in the morning until 5 am or later. This means they will always be available to take bookings for you and get you great Birmingham escort jobs, but it does have a cost in terms of staffing the phones for those long hours.

When you first decide to start working as an escort you will have a few expenses and your first few Birmingham escort jobs may well just be used to pay for things like a portfolio of photos and for some decent clothes and lingerie. Once you’ve got a basic wardrobe though you can just add to it bit by bit and you’ll start to see the benefits of your work.

Don’t confuse working as an escort with prostitution. Working as an escort is not illegal in the UK. There is nothing wrong with a gentleman paying for the companionship of a beautiful woman and whatever happens between you in private is your own affair.

You may, however not wish your friends and family to find out that you are working as an escort and many ladies value their privacy. Some Birmingham escorts also have respected careers and escorting for them is a way of having fun with some extra cash thrown in. When your photos are displayed on a Birmingham Escort Agency website you can ask that your face is blurred out or that any distinguishing marks you may have, such as tattoos, are also brushed out. That should give you enough protection. In addition, escorts never use their real names, so think of a good one!

Birmingham escort jobs can be really exciting. You may get taken to dinner at expensive restaurants or to the theatre, it’s not always all about one to one encounters, though that is the more usual kind of escort booking. Don’t think either though that being a Birmingham escort is like the movies, very few escorts actually meet the man of their dreams through escorting, though you will probably meet some very nice men. Booking and escort is not cheap, so it’s likely that the men you do meet will have a bit of cash to splash around. Some men though save up for their escorting experience and it may be a complete one off for them. Birmingham is a good place to find escort jobs because it is a big business centre and has the NEC and Birmingham airport to attract visitors and therefore potential clients.

Whatever kind of lady you are, there is probably a man looking for just what you have to offer. Age is not necessarily a barrier to working as an escort although if you are over 30 you can expect to be called a mature escort! Don’t let this put you off if you really think that becoming a Birmingham escort is the job for you. Mature escorts are often in demand, appreciated for their experience and their more mature approach. Both young and older clients are often looking for a more mature escort, but perhaps for slightly different reasons.

If you are considering becoming a Birmingham escort then start by doing some research and making some enquiries with Birmingham Escort Agencies. Speak to the agencies and preferably go and meet the owners. Ask them about potential Birmingham escort jobs by finding out how many bookings they normally take in a week and get some advice as to how much work you might expect as a new escort. There is never any guarantee of course that work will materialise but at the current time there is certainly no shortage of interest in Birmingham escorts.

If you do decide to take up any Birmingham escort jobs then you must remember to take care of yourself, and particularly your sexual health. Always practice safe sex, this is better for you and for your clients. And have regular check-ups.

You will find that most Birmingham Escort Agencies will be only too happy to talk to you about becoming a Birmingham escort. You might also consider becoming an independent Birmingham escort, perhaps because you feel that you can make more money this way. This is a misconception because you have to take into account all the associated costs, such as running and maintaining your own website, answering your own phone, or paying someone else to, paying for advertising and security. If you work through a Birmingham Escort Agency you won’t have to worry about those things and can just concentrate on enjoying yourself and making some decent money as well.

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