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Why do people like to look at breasts?

why do people like breasts

Breasts are fixated upon in western society if not worldwide. Whether they are large or small we are drawn to them in their many shapes. Focus on breasts as a key part of a womans sex appeal has developed over time and a number of suggestions try to account for this.

Some scientists relate the size of a womans breasts and cleavage to the shape and size of a bottom. This could in fact relate to a perception of hip width for fertility. Ancient artefacts often depicted women with large breasts and large buttocks as idols representing fertility.

Other theorists place this fixation firmly in the court of infectious society led focus (meme). Over time fashion has shortened skirts and cropped tops lower and lower to reveal more ares of a womans body to view. This has objectified women but needless to say many women have embraced this display of their assets as part of attraction techniques. Padded and enhancing bras have also contributed to exaggerate breast shape and size for every woman.

Society has focussed the attention to a womans breast size as being part of our day-to-day life. Whether this is good or bad depending on your viewpoint, many individuals find it gratifying and arousing to look at the shape and size of a womans breasts. There is a case for this as objectification of women but from the dawn of time men and women have chosen partners for love or love making based on what they deem to be attractive.

Recently one of the countries tabloids dropped it's display of bare breasts through public demand. This was a success for those who lobbied the tabloid but are we seeing another shift in social attitudes towards the display of breasts or was this the removal of objectification from impressionable people?

Whatever happens we have to face the reality that the shape of the female breast remains very important stimuli to some while flirting and attracting partners. Our appreciation should be done responsibly though. Please note this is by no means a scientific study and you might want to think of your own answer to the question while looking at our busty escorts. Maybe you could discuss this face-to-face with one.


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