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Technology Is Boosting Sex Lives In Birmingham

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Well here's a turn up for the books. At Birmingham Escorts we've often read that our fascination with technology can damage our sex lives, but a new study suggests that, properly used, new technology might actually help our sex lives!

There's a wealth of stuff out there. From apps that stimulate to texts that titillate! And the advance are particularly helpful for anyone in a long distance relationship. Technology has given us the video call and instant messaging – both of which can keep the sex lives of couples who are apart interesting!

A new sex toy, the We-Vibe 4 Plus, is an app-compatible couples' massage that allows you to keep your love alive whether you're together or apart. The free app, We-Connect, lets couples control their partners' vibration device from across the room or from anywhere in the world! The We-Vibe can also be used together during sex for extra stimulation.

If you don't want to go that far, you can always try sexting, or sending saucy, sexy 'selfies'. Just remember that selfies can end up in the wrong hands, so be very careful about who you're sending them to!


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