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Go Naked For The Best Night's Sleep

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What do you wear in bed? When we did a quick poll of our Birmingham Escorts the vast majority said 'nothing'. And it seems that maybe the best thing! According to recent research one in three adult sleep naked and it's got all sorts of benefits.

Experts say that getting rid of your pyjamas can improve the quality of your sleep and help boost your relationship. It might even help you burn calories! Keeping your body at the right temperature is key to a good night's sleep as your core body temperature should drop by about half a degree for you to fall asleep.

Dr Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre says: ‘If anything prevents that decline in temperature, the brain will wake itself up to see what’s going on, meaning you’ll struggle to get to sleep or you’ll have disturbed sleep. The advantage of sleeping naked is it’s easier for the body to cool and maintain the lower temperature the brain wants to achieve.’

And according to a survey of 1000 British adult by a bedsheet company this year, people who sleep naked have happier love lives. They found that 57% of nude sleepers were happier with their relationship compared to 44% of pyjama wearers, 43% of nightie wearers and 38% of onesie wearers.

Sleeping naked probably increases the chances of sex, and if you are body conscious, you can always slip under the sheets and then take your clothes off. Pyjamas on the other hand, might give off the message,' not tonight'. Don’t forget though that taking each other's clothes off can be fun!


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