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Mechanical Bear Threatened with ASBO

singing bear blog

Bernard, a mechanical Polar Bear has been standing outside The Loft Café in Shefford in Bedfordshire since the 1st December. He's six feet tall and has been delighting children with this Christmas songs and his dancing. But it seems to everyone in Shefford is happy!

Staff at the café were shocked when they got a visit from the local council last Monday. Apparently the council had received complaints about noise nuisance relating to poor old Bernard! Surely the Council have got better things to do? After all Bernard is only going to be there for December. But it seems someone has got a real down on the loveable bear.

Bedfordshire Council confirmed that Bernard was the subject of an on-going investigation and apparently Bernard has been threatened with an ASBO.

Café worked Abbie said ‘I can’t believe there have been complaints, is no-one allowed to have fun anymore?'

Our Leicester Escorts think Bernard looks so cute. Come on people of Shefford, lighten up! It's Christmas after all. We're pretty certain Bernard would get a warmer response in Birmingham!


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