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How Long Do You Last?

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Pornhub have been doing a lot of research lately and this time it's been about which parts of the world have the most sexual stamina. And they produced this great infographic to illustrate their findings. So where do British men come? (no pun intended!)

Our Escorts Agency reckon that guys in Birmingham are pretty good and that Brits in general should be high up in the result table. And they'd be right. British guys lasted around 10 minutes, along with Australians, North Americans and New Zealanders. That's a pretty good result in terms of the global findings!

Top of the table though were the Chinese, with an average time of almost 15 minutes.

The website looked at how long users spent looking at a video before they went off (the page that is!). Using that data they formed the average time that visitors to the site lasted by country.

You have to feel a bit sorry for the men of Iraq though, who, according to Pornhub last just 5 minutes and 30 seconds!


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