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Sexual Fantasies

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We all do it – indulge in sexual fantasies. And perhaps the guys who visit our lovely Birmingham Escorts do it more than most! But have you ever worried or wondered that maybe your sexual fantasies are a bit weird of bizarre? Well worry no more!

A new piece of research conducted by Canadian researchers has shown that the range of sexual fantasies both men and women indulge in is so wide that it's hard to say anything is rare, unusual or typical.

The study asked 1500 men and women about their sexual fantasies and describe their favourite in details. While sexual fantasies are often considered to be 'deviant' or very unusual it appears that isn't really the case.

Men, they found, have more fantasies and can describe them more vividly than women. Women often fantasised about submission, being tied up for example and were most likely to fantasise about their partner. Men, on the other hand, were more likely to fantasise about women other than their partner, or about their partner with other people, of either sex.

The most significant fact they discovered is that while women tend to want to keep their fantasies just that – men are far more likely to want to live out their fantasies and turn them into reality.

That's something we certainly understand!


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