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Vibrator Battery!

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It would never happen here in Birmingham, this kind of thing could only happen in America! According to the police in Manatee County, Florida, a 48 year old woman attacked her twin sister over a vibrator!

Heidi Creamer punched her sister in the face and knocked her to the ground, kicking, scratching and grabbing her hair. What was the cause of all this violence between the twins? 'She was fighting her sister over a vibrator' police said.

Neighbours called 911 and when the police arrived they put Mrs Creamer in a patrol car. The police say they are unsure exactly why the pair were arguing over the sex toy.

Our Escorts Agency just couldn’t stop laughing when they read this little news story. Instead of fighting over the toy, why weren't they just enjoying it together!

Heidi was charged with domestic battery.


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