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We're All Sex Mad

sex mad birmingham blog

Following on from yesterday's blog about the top cheating cities, here is more proof, if you need it, that having affairs is becoming more common. It seems that one in four Brits has slept with a married person.

So are we all just sex mad? Perhaps. It seems that being married isn't a bar when it comes to single people looking for a night of erotic passion. With a quarter of Brits admitting to having sex with someone they knew to be married, a wedding ring is perhaps more of a turn on than a turn off.

The survey was carried out my, an online pharmacy company. They questioned 2391 men and women who were 18 or older, sexually active and single. When asked if they had ever had sex with a person that they knew was married at the time, a quarter of them said 'yes'. Of these 54% said it was just once, while 27% said it became an extended affair.

What perhaps is more startling is that of the three quarters who said they had not had sex with a married person, 34% of them said they would consider it and not be put off by someone's marital status.

In our Birmingham Escort Agency office we were quite intrigued by this research which would seem to confirm what we already know! So are we sex mad? The answer seems to be 'yes!'


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