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Why Sex Is Better In Winter

sex in winter blog

It may have turned chilly outside, but now's the time when you can spice up your sex life! Our Birmingham Escorts have got some great advice for you!

We can all be guilty of just wanting to snuggle down when the weather takes turn for the worse, but that's no reason to put your sex life into hibernation! What better excuse do you need to get up close and personal than when the weather's cold? Our Birmingham escorts have been looking at advice from sex expert, Dr Tracey Cox and come up with some tips to make the season sizzle!

Did you know that sex boosts your immune system? Yep, it's true, having sex will help you combat the sniffles.

Men are hornier in the winter. Apparently, they fancy their partners more when it's cold outside.

Sex gets the circulation going and a vigorous sex session really warms you up! Literally, a bit of slap and tickle can do wonders!

When we're all covered up because of the cold, nudity becomes more of a turn on.

Spice up your bedroom! Sex in a cosy boudoir is much more fun than sex in a standard bedroom. Get the lighting right, which for the most flattering angle is below eye-level. Get in some sex toys, massage oils and the odd pair of furry handcuffs. Erotic stories are good fun too if you read to each other.

If you're on your own and want someone to cosy up to, why not give us a call and book one of our hot escorts?


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