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Bob Gibbins is believed to have the largest collection of sex dolls in the world! Bob, from Herefordshire, says he started collecting the lifelike dolls about ten years ago. But it has nothing to do with sex. Instead Bob and his wife, Lizzie, enjoy dressing up the dolls and posing them for photographs.

Bob has 240 dolls in his collection and reckons he's spent about £100,000 on buying them and buying clothes and other accessories. "it's like having a life size Barbie doll," said Bob's wife Lizzie. Being a bunch of girls here at Escorts in Birmingham we can sort of understand the fun in that!

The previous record holder was a man in Japan who had 100 dolls, so Bob's collection is well over twice as big. The enthusiast spends anything from £30-£7,000 on the life-like dolls. “I have a lot of blow up dolls, which are cheaper, they vary from £30 to £400 for the best ones."

Bob and Lizzie say the dolls have taken over their small bungalow and friends have dub the place the "Love Doll Mansion".


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