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The Science Of Selfies

science selfies

There's certainly nothing boring about this science project. In fact, some of our Coventry Escorts are keen to get involved! Italian blog site, Tette per la Scienza, features hundreds of women posing various degrees of nakedness holding signs relating to science. The women have been taking selfies of their breasts, and other parts of their anatomy, in an attempt to make science more interesting.

The blog site was the brainchild of paleoanthropologist Lara Tait. Featuring the catchphrase, 'Where reason fails, boobs have a chance' the blog allows women to give their bodies 'to the service of science', claims Lara. The women who have taken selfies hold up signs, which contain myth-busting statements, in an attempt to stimulate interest and support for scientists. The first image posted on the site featured a woman's cleavage and a sign that read '25% of Italians deny the theory of evolution. In the US it's 60%'

What's the point of all this I hear you ask. Well it seems that in Italy the perception of science is not all it should be and the site is attempting to educate and activate. One woman, posing in just a pair of red string panties, holds a card saying: 'It is not true that we only use 10% of our brain.' Another, with a naked bottom holds a sign that reads: 'Cuts to research are cuts to your future, [the future of] your children and your country.' The science fans have also posed with signs bearing the hashtag #iostoconrosetta - meaning 'I am with Rosetta' - to support the European Space Agency's (ESA) recent mission.

The blog has clocked up nearly 19,000 likes on Facebook so far. Whether it works or not remains to be seen, but it's certainly an attention-grabbing approach!


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