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Rude Road Names!

rude road names blog

We've probably all come across a road name that has made us giggle. Rude road names seem to be part of the British way of life and there are hundreds scattered up and down the country, with Birmingham having its fair share. Have you ever visited The Cock Inn in Rowley Regis?

A council in Wales has recently renamed one of its streets, Hoare Road, because of the 'sexual overtones'. Oh come on, lighten up guys!

Back in 2009 a Birmingham academic published a study on the saucy history of some of the region's most provocative road names. He spent years investigating the origin of rude roads, such as Gropec**t Lane, now shortened to just Grope Lane), Cock Lane and Finkle (fondle) Street. What he found was that most of these names related to previous red light districts and brothels from the 16th century. He found a number of naughty street names had been eradicated from road signs in the Birmingham area, although some still remain. However, it seems if this latest bout of Political Correctness spreads we might see the removal of ever more of our historic and saucy names. What a shame!

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