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Smarty-pants keeps sperm protected from smartphones

radiation proof pants to save your sperm

For those of you guys still in your prime and looking to have a family at some point maybe you need to think about wearing pants when you use your smartphone. Scientists at the University of Exeter have pointed to electromagnetic waves from smartphones could affect your fertility. Research suggests that those men using a smartphones and keeping them in their trouser pockets had less active and few live sperm. The type of radiation emitted by smartphones albeit low can over time next to your genitals take it's toll on the male potency. Our escorts don't want to see you to lose any of your male potency for when you want a family.

Well on the issue of protective wearable barriers to this form of radiation a British inventor and his firm Wireless Armour have developed Super Hero pants for men that shield against approximately 99.9% of the radiation emitted from a smartphone and similar wireless devices. The pants contain a microfibre woven with pure silver. So while protecting your privates with a precious metal you can also increase hygiene thanks to the silver which is often used in the health sector.

So if you're in the mood for keeping your sperm and crown jewels protected maybe you need some new pants as our sexy escorts in Birmingham don't want you to loose your potency in the future.


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