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Professor Turns Racy Photographer

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University professor, Paula Ansley, was, until recently, working at Northumbria University as a sport and exercise researcher. But now that's all changed. Paula has put her career of 25 years on hold to follow her passion and become a boudoir photographer.

Our ladies at Birmingham Escorts understand the need for great photographers and especially for female photographers. Most of our escorts feel that a woman is much better able to capture their allure than a man, so we're giving Paula a big thumbs up for having the courage to change career.

Last year Paula decided to take stock of her life and the outcome was that she decided to pursue her passion for photography and in particular the racy, boudoir photos. Paula's passion stemmed from her own experience after her husband sent her to a boudoir photographer to boost her confidence. Said Paula, ‘My desire is to provide a similar experience for ladies who need a bit of a confidence boost or just feel like having a rather enjoyable and fun experience all about themselves.’

You're not going to see Paula's work in top shelf magazines. Her photography is meant as a celebration of womanhood, in all its shapes and sizes. If you're a guy and want to treat your girlfriend or partner, a session with a Boudoir photographer could be a great choice. She'll love the experience and you'll get some saucy, racy photos to look at. You'll find some great boudoir photographers in Birmingham; just do a quick search on the internet.


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