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A New Meaning To Personal Vibrators

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We may still be in the midst of Christmas, but if you want to get your lover a top Valentine present, now's the time to think about it. Zander Whitehurst has come up with a sex toy to give a whole new meaning to personal pleasure!

This new vibrator has a 3D-printed head – literally. It can be the head of your partner or you. And it looks like the new sex toy might be the big hit come Valentine's Day. Zander is also hoping to eventually make the toys modelled on celebrities! We reckon it'll go down a storm in Birmingham!

The computer-controlled vibrator originally came about because Zander himself was in a long distance relationship. He created the computer-controlled sex toy to allow lovers to give each other pleasure whilst apart.

Zander uses the 3D printing techniques to create a two inch wide and one inch deep model of your, or your partner's head, that contained a bullet-style vibrator. If you fancy ordering one for yourself or your partner, pop over toe the company's website to find out more.

Just for fun, we asked our Birmingham Escorts whose head they'd choose to have a vibrator modelled on. Choice ranged form Benedict Cumberbatch to Richard Gere. One thing the girls all had in common though was that they thought the idea was great fun!


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