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A Penis Tattoo? Oh No!

penis tattoo blog

When 17 year old Holly Aston woke up after a night's partying, she was shocked to discover she'd allowed her friends to tattoo a penis on her shoulder with a DIY tattoo gun. Holly has now spoken out about how living with the embarrassing tattoo ruined her life. Poor Holly even had to hide the tattoo from her parents for two years, before the truth came out.

Holly, who comes from Druids Heath, Birmingham, appears in the Channel 4 series, Bodyshockers. The programme features Katie Piper, who recovered from an horrific acid attack, as she explores the world of tattoos, piercings and plastic surgery. In fact is was Katie who helped Holly break the news to her parents.

The tattoo was such an embarrassment that Holly even turned down family holidays and had to cover the obscene tattoo with plasters in the summer to stop people seeing it.

Holly had previously bought a tattoo gun off the internet and used to have tattoo parties with her mates. She explained "We’d have some drinks and tattoo each other – it was stupid. I let my mates draw whatever they wanted. But then I woke up the next day, looked at it and thought ‘Oh God, what have I done?"

We must admit that here at Birmingham Escorts our first reaction when we saw the photo was to laugh, but we soon realised that the tattoo was probably a huge problem for Holly.

Luckily for Holly the tattoo is now on the way out, thanks to the Channel 4 programme. "At first I didn’t want to embarrass myself on telly but then I thought they would be able to help me. Katie came to Birmingham and was so nice. I thought she would look at me and think ‘What an idiot’ but she saw the funny side" said Holly. The programme has paid for Holly to have the tattoo and 2 others removed by laser and after 5 sessions they are nearly all gone. Holly now feels she can get on with her life without the constant embarrassment.


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