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While most people like to book shorter encounters, Passion VIP also provide an extended experience for those people looking that real Overnight adventure. All of our escorts at Passion VIP are available for overnight reservations. In comparison these overnight stays are far more flexible than an hour by hour booking. If an overnight encounter is out of your price range and you still want to book with one of our ladies, then why not try out our 5 hour service.

Overnight bookings differ in length from escort to escort therefore it's always best to call and ask first, to guarantee that you know exactly what you are investing in. Every one of the overnight bookings consists of 8 hours in length. The biggest advantage of an overnight booking is just knowing that you can relax in to the evening with your date, take your time and enjoy the night ahead; if you are able to invest some quality time with the girl to build a better connection and you will be able to let her know exactly what floats your boat. That way your Overnight best escorts in birmingham
can supply you with the perfect stress free night. A lot of our clients find it easier to break the ice over dinner or by having a few drinks, this way all the introductions are made and you can enjoy the rest of the evening back at your hotel where you are completely relaxed and ready for the night of your life.

One of our customers recently had an overnight reservation with Zara at his Birmingham hotel room, he was unbelievably satisfied and the very next day he told Passion VIP: “ the overnight booking was very successful, it genuinely provided me with the opportunity to let Zara know everything I desired from the experience, she really nailed it! ”. Zara is available for overnight bookings most days, so don’t delay and take a trip to her profile and see for yourself.

On account of the length of an overnight booking, we encourage our customers to book ahead of time to make certain the girls available for the entire night. Nevertheless, it might be possible to book on very short notice, this all depends on if our Overnight escorts are available.


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