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Want An Office Romance? Ask HR!

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You may be familiar with the clothing store, American Apparel. In fact they've got a shop in Selfridges at the Bullring in Birmingham.

A large American company, they have a handful of physical stores in the UK, but a big online store and some of our Birmingham Escorts like to shop there from time to time. Recently their CEO was dismissed amidst claims of sexual harassment which has led to the company introducing a new code of ethics for staff relating to office romance.

We do think though, that maybe they've taken it too far. The latest code requires all 'personal and/or romantic relationships between Company personnel' to be cleared in advance by the HR department! They define a romantic relationship as 'both casual dating and committed relationships'.

We all know that an office romance, and presumably shop floor ones too, can cause problems at work, but this does seem to be taking things a bit too far. And are the HR department going to ok the relationship or not? And if they don't, what's going to happen next? The code evens goes on to say that failure to report office romances to HR will be 'subject do discipline'.

It really seems like a step too far to us!


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