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What Happens After The Christmas Party?

office christmas party blog

Christmas is nearly upon us and the works Christmas Party season is well and truly underway. That means we're all gearing up for Karaoke, getting drunk, upsetting the boss and – wait for it – sleeping with a co-worker!

Apparently we Brits have no shame, with one in three of us sleeping with a colleague after the Christmas Party! A study by a dating site aimed at marrieds, call Illicit Encounters, found that we just love to make a fool of ourselves at the Christmas bash. They surveyed 1500 workers and discovered that 34% admitted to sleeping with a colleague at or after the works do.

That's not even the whole picture though. Sixty per cent admitted to drunkenly kissing someone the work with and around a quarter said they had called in sick the next day due to a hangover!

Here at Birmingham Escorts we enjoy a good party as much as anyone, and yes some of us will admit to calling in sick the next day because we drank too much. We're also keen on Karaoke, but as you can probably imagine, sleeping with our co-workers has a totally different meaning to us! (Let your mind wander over that one for a while!).


ike Taylor, a relationship expert, commented: “When you work with someone day in and day out you can sometimes form close bonds - mix that with the Christmas party environment where alcohol is flowing freely and people become relaxed and uninhibited, that is when you are most likely to make compromising decisions and could do something you end up regretting, like chatting up your boss or even sleeping with a co-worker."

A recent survey was also carried out with employers and a whopping 80% of them said that having an office based romance would affect the career prospects of those involved. Apart from affairs, there are a couple of other things that we get up to at the Christmas party we'd probably rather forget. They include stripping off, confessing secrets and singing some dodgy Karaoke.

Our message to you this Christmas Birmingham is, go out and have fun, but if you want to build a good career at your place of work, avoid sleeping with a colleague!


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