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Nude Weddings Could Be Legalised!

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After the introduction of same sex marriages following new legislation in 2013, the Government are considering a further review of the marriage laws in the UK. Among those who have expressed an interest in changing the wedding laws is British Naturism. This is the organisation that represents naturists and a change in the law could open the door to nude weddings.

Our Birmingham Escorts thought this opened up a whole range of possibilities, and we certainly had a good laugh thinking about the various places and situations where couples might want to get married.

Ministers have ordered a review of the wedding laws which will start this week. The review will look at a range of possibilities, including allowing couples to get married in their own homes, jumping from aircraft and open air weddings. It will also look at whether wedding could be conducted by non-religious organisation such as humanists or even political pressure groups.

A spokesman for the Marriage Foundation, which campaigns to promote marriage, said: ‘I have no objection to people getting married jumping out of an aeroplane or on a beach as long as they mean it and the marriage is properly registered.'

Concern has been expressed that such changes might bring in an unacceptable level of commercialism. Changes could mean that supermarkets could open Vegas-style 'Wedding Parlours'. Knowing Birmingham as we do, we'd place bets that it will be one of the first to get in on the act. We can just picture the city now, with an abundance of those tacky 'wedding chapels' all over the place. We bet they'll go down a storm!


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