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New Sex Toy For Women

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Have you heard of the 'pleasure gap'? Probably not. You may not of heard of it, but if you're a woman you may have experienced it! Research has shown that men orgasm more than twice as often as their female partners. And it's all down to lack of clitoral stimulation.

We did a quick poll in the Birmingham Escorts office and I have to tell you that many of us knew exactly what the pleasure gap was!

In another research study published recently it was shown that all women needed to have an orgasm was clitoral stimulation and that penetrative sex had little to do with orgasms, so this latest study makes lots of sense. Sadly it seems that clitoral stimulation is often overlooked by both men and women in the bedroom.

But a new sex toy, called Eva, is about to hit the market that will change all that. We can't say that the Eva is a particularly attractive device, but this hands free toy is apparently going to bridge that 'pleasure gap'.

Inserted comfortably under the woman's outer labia and left on during sex, it provides direct, but unobtrusive, clitoral stimulation. The toy is the brainchild of 2 twenty-something women from New York.

If you want to buy your own Eva, or buy one for the woman in your life, then it'll set you back around £58 with delivery expected in February 2015. There's even a choice of colours.

.So men of Birmingham, take note! To ensure your partner gets all she deserves, don't forget she probably needs a little more stimulation!


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