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Porn Stars Raise Awareness of Net Neutrality

net neutrality blog

So what is Net Neutrality? Well, in simple terms, it means that all the world wide web content is treated equally. That means that no particular piece of information is travelling faster than any other piece. Or at least that's what our Birmingham Escorts understand by the term. We're roughly right!

It seems that some in the US Government are trying to change that. They want to start charging people depending on the amount of 'bandwidth' they use while surfing. With movies taking up a large amount of bandwidth, it means that people may have to pay more to watch them, and that will affect online porn. There has been talk about creating fast lanes sop that only those who can afford it can get better speeds and buffer free viewing.

A group of adult stars have created a video to raise awareness and make sure that we all know what's going on and to make sure that watching porn isn't just limited to the rich.

Fortunately the American President is against the idea, but he's not going to be President forever.


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