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Mistress Christmas Cards

mistress card blog

Our Birmingham Escorts loved this idea! Guys can now buy 'special' Christmas cards for their illicit lovers!

Illicit Encounters, the UK's largest website for marrieds seeking affairs, have designed a range of Christmas cards especially for guys to send to their lovers. The Mistress Christmas Card is part of a naughty range which has proved very popular with the public, with over 15,000 sold or downloaded to date.

If you want to see the range, go to and check them out. They are mainly aimed at married men and women already enjoying a bit of illicit fun, although there are others that you can send to someone you fancy, inviting them to embark on a secret festive affair.

The site decided to launch the range after a survey found that married men spend 12% more on gifts for their mistress than they do for their wife. It seems that men spend around £109 on their wife compared to £124 on their lovers. As you might expect, mistresses were more likely to be given romantic gifts while the poor wives were more likely to get a new vacuum cleaner!

The site is expecting the Christmas card to be very popular this year. Said Mike Taylor of Illicit Encounters : “You can buy a card for anybody on almost every occasion so why should mistresses be left out? It is about time us Brits were a bit more liberal and caught up with the continent, where they’re far more accepting about affairs.”

If you want to send one of our Birmingham teen Escort a card we know they'd be thrilled! But guys, if you're in a relationship, don't forget your partner and please buy her something sexy this year!


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