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Should Men Give Up Underpants?

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It's 80 years since Y front pants appeared on the scene and they remain the stalwart of a man's wardrobe. In fact more than half a million pairs were given as Christmas presents just a few weeks ago. But not everyone likes them, and research suggests that where you live can affect the type of underwear you choose.

Men in London and those in the North prefer snug trunks whilst those in the Midlands, and that includes Birmingham, have a preference for baggy boxer style shorts. Scottish men are bigger fans of Y fronts it seems.

We asked some of our Birmingham Escorts if they thought there was anything in the research, and to our surprise, they reckoned it was pretty accurate!

The research though is about more than just style. The type of underwear a man chooses can also affect his health and his fertility. Here's a couple of things to consider:

Silk, nylon and Lycra are less absorbent materials and if you're prone to what is commonly known as 'jock itch' you should stay away from underpants made of these and opt for cotton. The fungi that causes redness of the skin and sweating can irritate, so you want to wear loose fitting pants rather than tight ones made of materials that will allow your body to breathe.

Change your underwear every day! Research shows that one fifth of British men don't change their underwear daily. Yuck! But wearing the same pair of pants two days in a row increased your risk of fungal infections.

Go Commando!

Further research suggests that men would be better off wearing no pants at all! It reduces sweating, reduces the chances of getting skin infections and could improve your fertility. If you don't fancy wearing nothing, at least sleep in the nude. This allows your body to breathe and your testicles to remain cool. Our ladies are happy with that idea!


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