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Are Men The Vainer Sex?

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Some recent research has shown that men spend 6 times as long as women on making sure they look perfect! This definitely makes men the vainer sex, and leaves some of us girls in the shade!

Apparently the modern man spends over 4 years of his life perfecting his appearance and spend six times as long in the gym as women. Women it seem only spend 3 years of their lives honing their looks.

The girls here Birmingham Escorts reckon that's not quite right though. Whilst we all agree that many of the guys we meet are hot, our super escorts take a lot of care of themselves, especially when it comes to getting ready to meet you.

The poll, that was conducted nationwide, interviewed 2000 Brits and gives an interesting insight into modern man. It seems that men spend about half a year, over their lifetime, grooming their facial hair – in other words, for most that means shaving! High on their agenda is silky smooth skin, body hair removal, getting a great haircut and taking care of their nails. Well guys, we want you to know we girls really appreciate it!

The research was commissioned by Dove Men + Care.


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