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Male Escorts in Birmingham

Male Escorts in Birmingham

As long as I have known the men of today have always claimed to be hard working and are always making claims that they graft harder than women as jobs for men and women have always been worlds apart. Men are always said to have had the more physical jobs. Now we are in 2018 that could not be further from the truth. We have been interviewing the hot male Birmingham escorts operating in the area and they have a lot to tell us, read on to find out more!

Escorting as a male can earn you some pretty good money, boost your confidence and perfect your people skills!

But it's not all so easy, the hours can be unusual, the locations are far and wide and you need to be able to ‘perform’ on the queue. But then again what job doesn’t have its pros and cons, it’s just about finding the job that suits you. Michael is a hot male escort and has been operating in Birmingham and the surrounding areas for a number of years now, He took the time out of his busy schedule as a male Birmingham Escort and spoke to us to give us a few answers to your most frequently asked questions:

‘So how long have you been a male escort in Birmingham Michael and how did you get into the profession'?

‘I have been escorting in Birmingham for around 3 years now, I first got into it after a female friend of mine was working as an escort in Birmingham, I had been in between jobs and one night she told me her company, Passion VIP Birmingham Escorts Agency Service, were calling out for male escorts in the Birmingham area and I thought that I would use it to my advantage whilst I was in between jobs, I did my first week and loved it so much that I have never looked back since. I can choose the days I work, the hours, the levels and that suit me down to the ground! I make good money being a male Birmingham Escort and the company I work for, Passion VIP Birmingham Escorts Agency Service have always looked out for me since day one so I always feel safe and secure in each and every escort job I take on. I have made some brilliant friends through bookings and some of my clients are now my closest friends'!

‘Would you recommend being a male escort in Birmingham to anyone who had thought of it before and what advice would you give'?

‘I would say go for it, Being a male escort in Birmingham is the best career move I ever made and I am just said that I didn’t know about it before. If I could I would have started the year earlier. The quality of life you get as a male escort in Birmingham is awesome and you can earn as much or as little as you like! Seriously just do it’.


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