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Want Your Partner To Have Great Orgasms? Make Her Laugh!

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When it comes to having better sex, for women it's all about having a partner who makes you laugh! Apparently women have stronger orgasms if their partner is funny. Psychologist George Gallup, from the University of Albany carried out a study which discovered that frequency of female orgasms was linked to intensity which in turn was stronger when a woman's partner was funny, confident or rich!

Our Birmingham Escort definitely agreed about the funny bit, although they didn't think the 'rich' bit made any difference.

The study surveyed heterosexual female college students in relationship and asked them how often they experienced an orgasm during sex. The study also took details about their partner's (family) income, body measurements, personality and looks. To get an unbiased view of 'attractiveness' they also asked friends to rate the attractiveness of the girls' partners.

As well as having a sense of humour, the study also found that women whose partners had broad shoulders enjoyed more orgasms too. Hmm, we're just not sure about this at all! Maybe you can just about prove anything you want to with surveys. We just like our men to be considerate.


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