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Lingerie Obsessed Man Caught

Lingerie Obsessed Man Caught

Here's a little story that made us laugh. A Chinese man who stole hundreds of pieces of ladies underwear has finally been caught by police. The man, from Yulin in South East China, managed to steal over 2,000 panties and bras from his neighbours!

The man, called Tang, hid the lingerie in the communal ceilings of a residential building and was only caught when the ceiling collapsed. He told police that he had had mental problems since he was young and didn't know how long he'd been obsessed with women's underwear.

The man, surnamed Tang and in his 30s, admitted to having mental problems since he was young and that he did not know how long he had been obsessed with women’s undergarments, reports said.

Over the course of a year Tang managed to steal the 2000+ pieces from his neighbours' flats by sneaking into their homes while they were out at work. It appears he had a master key to all the apartments in his building, but no one knows where he got the key from. Although residents had complained about the mysterious vanishing of their lingerie, no one knew what was going on until the ceiling collapsed.

Police laid out the colourful selection on the pavement to count up the 'trophies'. Our Leicester Escorts were pretty impressed with the variety of his haul!


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