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Why Kissing Gets You Hot under The Collar

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It seems that kissing really is about a lot more than exchanging a mouthful of bugs! Scientists now tell us that kissing reminds us of our first experiences of love and security and that it can spark the production of hormones that make us fall in love.

Who would have thought that something as simple as a kiss could be such an involved topic? The scientists have hardly started to study kissing and already they have come up with so much! Last week they reported how a kiss cold exchange up to 80 million bugs but that it was healthy for us than a handshake. This week the reveal why those kisses get you hot under the collar!

When we kiss billions of nerve connections distribute information around the body. This can change the way we feel and a passionate kiss can set of feeling of craving and desire; produce adrenaline, which boosts our heart rate and can make us start sweating; release cortisol, that makes our breathing deepen and our pulse race; as well as triggering Oxytocin, or the 'love hormone' which fosters a sense of closeness. In other words, kissing can produce all the sensations we experience when we are falling in love!

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