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80 Million Bug Kiss

kissing blog

Kissing. One of life's great pleasures. And despite the gloomy headline, it appears kissing really is good for us! That’s come as a great relief to our fabulous Coventry Escorts!

Although scientists have found that as many as 80 million bacteria may be exchanged during a 10 second kiss, this is a good thing. The bacteria can boost our immune systems and enable us to better fight disease. Sharing bacteria with your partner during kissing means that both of you are equipped to ward off any infections you may pass to each other later on. We each carry trillions of bacteria in our bodies and together they make up a complex mix of bugs that help to a variety of things from digest food to ward of infections.

Research was carried out by a Dutch company who were asked to look at the evolutionary reasons for kissing. After testing 21 couples they concluded that kissing helps couple share 'microbiota' – a similar mix of bacteria. They found that couples who share nine intimate kisses a day had a very similar 'microbiota', meaning they were better prepared to deal with similar infections and to digest similar foods.

Graham Rook, an immunology Professor at University College London, has even said that picking food up off the floor, buying a dog and regularly kissing your relatives are some of the best ways to ward off allergies.


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