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It's that time again when the balls are out and all over the place. We have to get our heads around scoring that just seems absurd and the grunts of hot sweaty bodies getting physical on grass. No it's not festival time but time for some centre court tennis action.

Over the years we've been subjected to the grunts of a range of tennis superstars in short skirts and we've either just had to mute the telly or get used to the sounds while worrying the neighbours as to what was actually going on next door. I'm sure we're experiencing the latest grunts in full HD and seeing those toned bodies working to the point of exhaustion. You never know we may even be encouraged to get physical ourselves to improve our health.

Who's going to win Mens & Womens Wimbledon?

After the first week we've seen Nadal take a stroll back to the dressing room accompanied by Brown and Tsonga. What we would say though is after Posipisls performance against a buoyant Ward we may be in for an interesting 4th round. We see that Murray is still on form even after a loss on concentration as well as Djokovic and Federer who are getting themselves to peak Wimbledon performance. So at a push we could see A Federer or Murray final playing Djokovic and if it's Murray based on recent matches it could be a stunner with Djokovic having the edge this year. We're sure some of our eastern european escorts will be biting their lips and screaming just wanting Djokovic to get his hands on the trophy.

In terms of the womens tennis we've seen Robson and Watson depart after valiant efforts. But more importantly Kvitova departed this week as well as Kerber. We're sure we'll be hearing loads more moaning from the women before one of them manages to hit the money shot and win the title and the cash. It could well see Radwanska, Wozniacki or Jankovic. However don't rule out the Swiss girl Bacsinszky.

One last Point

When we come down to the mens and women finals make sure you have the volume up to hear those grunts. If you're watching in HD you may well see every bead of sweat dripping as these athletes race to score the winning point. Be comforted by the fact that our escorts are as well toned as some of the famous players and similarly love to get as hot and sweaty while at work.


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