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Go To The Cinema with a Birmingham Escort and Don’t Watch The Film

Cinema With Birmingham Escorts

We all love going to the cinema, some of our best dates often start out there, but you haven’t experienced it until you’ve been with an escort from Passion VIP. Just go to the Passion VIP website at and find your dream escort. Then all you need to do is find a film you’re not interested in, and take your Passion VIP Escort to see it. I would recommend you and your escort sit in the back row, where it's quiet. The cinema is always a great place to take an escort for a good time. Just wrap your arm around her and let nature take its course. If you remember how the film ends, then you’re doing something wrong. A Passion VIP escort isn’t like your average escort either. These escorts love a bit of culture and sophistication, so if you do get around to acutely watching the film, and don’t spend the night staring into the eyes of your amazing escort, you will find them charming and very insightful. So, if you’re going to see a film that you want to discuss afterwards, you will never be better placed then to watch it with a Passion VIP escort. Take them to dinner afterwards and while away the hours debating the film with one of our charming Birmingham escorts. Their charming repartee is almost enough to distract you from their unbelievable beauty, almost! Fundamentally, there’s nothing as fun as taking an escort on a date, and often the cinema is the place to go with a hot date, so when you book an escort from Passion VIP for a night at the cinema, make sure to ask the receptionist for a film buff escort, and make this one trip to the cinema you’re sure never to forget. Just call 07817879138 & 07815684610, and make a date with the most beautiful Birmingham escorts you have ever seen.


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