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Do You Update Facebook During Sex?

It seems that we are so obsessed with our Facebook status we'll even update it DURING sex! What do you think Birmingham? Would you update your status while in the throws of passion?

It seems we have become obsessed with Facebook. So much so that research has shown we are more devoted to the site than to our partners. And it's even made its way into the bedroom! A survey recently revealed that 15% of us will check our Facebook account while engaged in sex! Our Escort girls uk thought that probably said something about the quality of the sex!

If you're so obsessed with Facebook that there's more going on on your phone that in your bed, it's time to get a grip! Your phone shouldn't really have a place in your bedroom for a whole host of reasons, but if it's taking over from your sex life, you could be in real trouble.

It's a well-known fact that Facebook makes us 'overshare'. We share EVERYTHING online and run the risk of constantly comparing our love life to that of others. This can make us feel insecure and damage our sex life. Sometimes discretion is better and keeping a few secrets just between the two of you can make for a more fulfilling sex life.

If you've reached the stage where you would rather check Facebook than have sex, it's time to log off!


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