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Eating Curry Blog

eating curry

If you're a guy who likes a curry and other spicy foods, then this blog's for you! Recent research at the University of Grenoble in Switzerland has discovered that men who enjoy a curry or other spicy foods, have higher testosterone levels. So what does this really mean for you? Our Birmingham Escorts Agency have done a bit of investigating.

Well higher testosterone is known to increase risk taking behaviour. It's perhaps one of the reasons why men are sometimes trying to prove who's best by who can eat the hottest curry! The research would seem to suggest that this test of manliness has some basis in fact. Real men go for the spiciest food.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes men sexually active as well as more adventurous and also aggressive. Men with higher levels of this hormone are therefore more dominant, or what we call the 'alpha male'. Easting hot curries will boost a man's testosterone levels the researchers believe.

There is a chemical in chilli peppers that creates heat and it's this that produces the characteristic burning sensation. This in turn causes changes in the body, such as raising the heart rate and releasing adrenalin and endorphins. It can also trigger the release of hormones involved in happiness.


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