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Dudley Dancing Grannies

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When it comes to fund-raising the calendar has long been a favourite. In recent years nude or semi-nude calendars have become more the rage – ever since the WI famously became naked 'Calendar Girls'. Now the Dudley Dancing Grannies have produced their own 2015 calendar with a naughty twist.

The Birmingham dance troupe, actually form Dudley, are a professional group who have been together for 14 years. They met at Dudley College where they were studying theatre. The quartet, whose comedy act went viral on YouTube are always up to no good! At bit like our Birmingham Escorts!

The 4 members of the dance troupe aren’t really that old being between their mid thirties and mid fifties. They perform together for the Dudley based Fizzog Productions. The calendar will retail for £6.99 and features a the 'grannies' in a variety of naughty poses.

The January picture, entitled Innocence of Youth, shows the four as young innocent women but as they get older so their behaviour gets worse!

The women performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe back in August and they are hoping the sales from the calendar will fund a trip for them to go again next year. “We are hoping it will bring smiles to a few faces. It was great fun creating the calendar”, said Sue, one of the troupe. She went on to add: “It was amazing performing at Edinburgh but it is so expensive for accommodation and we would love to go there for three or four days. Proceeds from the sale of the calendar would enable our dream of performing there next year for several days come true.”

A video of their hilarious dance routine filmed at the Stourbridge festival back in the summer became a huge hit on YouTube. You can purchase a calendar at


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