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Dry January


The idea of Dry January is that you swear off the booze for a month to give your body a change to detox and recover from the excesses of Christmas. All sorts of people take up the challenge from celebs down to some of our Birmingham Escorts. So if you're not already taking part, are you up for it?

There are lots of benefits to joining in. Not only will you save a few pounds, both in money and possibly weight, but you'll feel more energised and refreshed too. There are lots of soft drinks you can try instead. Some of our favourites are Fever Tree Ginger Beer, Marks & Spencer's British Conference & Comice Pear Juice and Cawston Press Sparkling Rhubarb and Apple. You may even find that you enjoy some of these more than the real thing!

If you want to put your efforts to good use, it's not too late to join the many thousands who are raising money for charity by being sponsored by family and friends. A number of charities are already involved, including the big ones like Cancer Research, but perhaps you'd like to raise funds for a local Birmingham charity instead? Getting started is easy and you can create your own Just Giving page at Why not give it a go, it's only 28 days after all!


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