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Have we become slaves to our mobile phones? Has being able to keep in touch with each other 24/7 turned us into clingy lovers? New research says it has. It transpires that one in sex of us are so insecure that we need to hear from our partner every hour. But healthy relationships are thought to be those where both partners are independent and happy being separated for a while.

We now have so much technology around us that it's possible to be almost constantly in touch with one another. And it seems that 41% of us expect to hear from our lovers and partners several times a day. The study also found that most of us would rather have fewer, but closer friends.

The research was carried out by E.ON and 2000 British adults were surveyed. Looking at our relationships with loved one and with business the study found that Brits choose quality over quantity. It seems we have moved away from the idea of having loads of friends and would much rather have a few close friends, with two thirds of those surveyed saying they had no more than 5 close friends.

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