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Does Your Career Affect Your Love Life

sex life

Well here's something interesting. A new mobile dating app, called Clover, has analysed data from its users to see if career choice affects the type of relationships they seek. You might be surprised by some of the results!

Thirty three thousand of the apps users aged between 18 and 60 were surveyed. They were asked about their relationship requirements and the results revealed a relationship between careers and dating preferences.

It would appear that Actors are looking for sex, nurses are looking for true love and doctors and lawyers are only looking for friends!

A lot of users choose the 'casual intention' which might be because they want to play it safe and keep their option open.

We asked our Birmingham Escorts what they thought of the research, seeing as the get to meet a lot of guys in different careers. The girls seem to think there just might be something in it!


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