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What Brooklyn Did Last Night

Brooklyn is one of our most popular Birmingham Escorts here at Passion VIP. This cute girl is really sexy stuff and she certainly knows how to have a good time. But before she goes out anywhere, Brooklyn likes to make sure she's looking hot!

On those days when I am going to be meeting clients I really like to spend some time taking care of myself and my body before we meet. Last night I was going to be meeting a new client for the first time so I wanted to make sure that I was looking really hot for him.

I have a sort of routine for getting ready. Usually, it starts with a long, languorous shower. I love to feel the warm water streaming down my body and enjoy the sensation of soaping myself all over, watching the bubbles rush over my breast and legs. Sometimes the sensations are just so good I don't want to get out! Eventually, though I will have to turn the water off and wrap myself in one of my thick, warm, fluffy towels and dry myself off. I'll rub the towel over my arms first, then my back and legs, and making sure that all my other bits are dry too, before covering myself up in one of my robes. In the summer, when my apartment is warm, I might just wander naked back to my bedroom, but at this time of year, there is nothing I enjoy more than snuggling up in a fluffy dressing gown!

I'll spend some time going through my lingerie, picking out maybe two or three different sets before making up my mind which to wear. If I know the client I am meeting, because they're a regular, then I'll have an idea of what they like and I'll tailor my choice. If like yesterday, I'm meeting someone new, then I'll choose the bra and panties that make me feel most sexy. Last night I decided to wear stockings and suspenders, just to up the ante a little. Rolling on fine silky stockings over my bare legs is always a sensual act for me.

Once I've got my lingerie on, I usually take a break from getting dressed. Maybe I'll have a drink or maybe I'll just lie on my bed imagining what the rest of the evening is going to bring. I love to get myself in the mood by letting my thoughts wander!

As the time draws near to meet I'll finish dressing, not forgetting to put on my favourite perfume so that I'll smell divine for you before slipping into one of my sexy little outfits. I love to show off my legs, so I'll top the outfit off with a pair of high heels. Now I'm ready for anything. Are you?"

Check out more of this mega busty babe's photos and then give us a call to book Brooklyn right now! It could be you enjoying the result of all her efforts to look amazing!


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