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Boobs Or Bums?

boobs or bums blog

This really cool infographic shows you what men's preferences are when it comes to being bum men or boob men! As it happens across the globe it's pretty much a 50-50 split.

We had a quick discussion here at our Escort Agency to see if we felt the men of Birmingham were more into one or the other, and it did seem that generally the Brummies are more in favour of boobs!

The data was produced by Pornhub, which is a pornography website. It shows that men in Britain, along with guys from Australia, Canada, Russia and most of Europe, prefer looking at boobs rather than bums.

Men from North America, parts of South America, Saudi Arabia and Africa on the other hand have a preference for gazing at bottoms.

The study was carried out by looking at the search terms used on the Pornhub website and categorised them into either breasts, bottoms or 'beyond' (legs etc). Other terms were included such as 'nipples' or 'bums' to ensure the study captured the fullest picture. The beyond category included things such as 'feet', toes' and one that was particularly popular in the Middle East, 'big feet'!


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